Grifus v4 Movies WordPress theme

Grifus v4 Movies WordPress theme

Grifus v4 WordPress movies theme, with a new design, very fresh and especially tidy with innovative features never before seen in designs for web sites movies and series, besides being very pleasing to the eye is a gifted theme of useful tools full control of the website.

Grifus has an auto-completer content which was in charge of 95% of the content, that will be enough to show quality content with accurate and actual data, but just the theme has endless options to ensure quality content.

Now with Grifus, you can manage content and series episodes.

Grifus v4 key features


  • Neat and clean design.
  • Responsive Design (hypersensitive to any screen resolution).
  • Optimized design fast charge (on configuration).
  • Properly optimized for SEO.
  • Microdata (Google: Structured data, Movies, TVShows, Episodes).
  • Validated HTML5.
  • CSS3 Validated.
  • New Style Dark Style.
  • Timeline for years.
  • Flat Web Design.
  • Custom Fields.
  • Framework for total control.
  • Post Ratings.
  • Post Views.
  • Auto-complete with Ratings.
  • Auto-complete with TMDb.
  • Taxon filters.
  • Module Releases.
  •  Multi-Player.


  • Downloads module.
  • Comments (Facebook / Disqus / WordPress).
  • Ad Management.
  • Front-end translation (English / Spanish).
  • Back-end translation (English / Spanish).
  • Login form front-end (new).
  • Register from front-end (new).
  • Lost password form front-end (new).
  • Form Edit profile front-end (new).
  • Form collaboration (new).
  • Form report broke links (new).
  • reCAPTCHA control to the forms.
  • Post Types News.
  • Table download and view online with Advanced Custom Fields.
  • infinite scroll.
  • Responsive Slider thumbnails box (high sensitivity).
  • A system to identify duplicate content.
  • Module Series (New)
  • Episodes Module (New)