Develop v1.0 – WordPress HTML5/CSS3 Theme

Develop v1.0 - WordPress HTML5-CSS3 Theme

Develop v1.0 A clean, minimal and modern responsive design with A large featured photo and video area are perfect for photographers or videographers eager to showcase their work. The responsive web design automatically adapts from desktop to tablet and mobile screens with no additional setup or maintenance required.

Develop v1.0 Features:

  • Automatic Image Sizing for Featured Images and Videos.
  • Custom, Auto-Generated Blog Archive Template.
  • Infinite Scroll Ready via JetPack.
  • Text or Image Based Logo.
  • Social Media Menu.
  • Font-based icons for high resolution / retina screens.
  • Integrates well with suggested Column, Tab, and Accordion Shortcodes.
  • Internationalized (I18n) with sample .mo/.po files included.