Yoast Google Analytics Premium v5.4.7

Yoast Google Analytics Premium v5.4.7

Yoast Google Analytics Premium v5.4.7 plugin! It contains custom dimension tracking, which allows you to track pageviews per author, per category, per post type and more and of course, comes with our first-class support.

Yoast Google Analytics Premium v5.4.7 can track :

  • Author
    Tracks pageviews per author, so you can compare authors or even pay authors based on the number of pageviews their articles received.
  • Category
    Tracks the posts category, this allows you to easily see which categories are doing best on your blog and you might want to publish more in.
  • Post Type
    Tracks whether the page viewed is a post, page or any custom post type. We use it for instance to have custom reports for our plugins pages (which are a separate post type).
  • Logged In
    Tracks whether the viewer is logged in or not, this is especially useful on BBPress / BuddyPress type sites where you have a lot of logged in users.
  • Published at
    This tracks the publication time of the post or page, allowing you to compare not just months, but for instance check in december whether the posts you wrote in january or those you wrote in february did better in december.