WPTouch Pro v4.3.8 – WordPress Plugin

WPTouch Pro v4.3.8 - Wordpress Plugin

WPTouch Pro v4.3.8  Make your WordPress website mobile friendly with just a few clicks using WPtouch Pro.Designed for the modern mobile web, WPtouch themes are polished and powerful. Choose from a variety of themes, each designed and developed to make mobile easy.

WPTouch Pro v4.3.8  Features:

  • Powerful Settings.
  • Better Performance.
  • Supports WordPress 4.6.3.
  • Compatible with the Top 30 WordPress plugins on WordPress.org.
  • Works with all modern WordPress features.
  • Supports Multisite installations.
  • Optimized, low-memory server footprint.
  • Install package is just 1.9MB.
  • Easy install wizard.
  • Full WordPress customizer support.
  • Switch themes, add/remove extensions within the product.
  • Intuitive, auto-save admin panel.
  • Cloud install themes, extensions languages, and icons.
  • Control devices and browser support, custom user agents.
  • Disable other plugins from running within WPtouch.