WP Real Media Library v2.2.2 Media Categories/Folders

WP Real Media Library v2.2.2 - Media Categories-Folders

WP Real Media Library v2.2.2 is one of the most wanted media WordPress plugins. It is easy to use and it allows you to organize your thousands of images in folders. It is similar to WordPress categories like in the posts.

WP Real Media Library v2.2.2 Features:

  • Drag & Drop your files.
  • Full control of your folders.
  • A filter in inserting media dialog.
  • Very nice to upload files.
  • Create Gallery from a folder.
  • supports three different folder types:
    • The normal folder: A folder can contain every type of file or a collection, but no gallery.
    • The collection: A collection can contain no files. But you can create there other collections and galleries.
    • The gallery folder: A gallery folder can contain only images. If you want to display a gallery go to a post and have a look at the visual editor buttons.