WP Flat Visual Chat v5.362 – Live Chat & Remote

WP Flat Visual Chat v5.362 - Live Chat & Remote

WP Flat Visual Chat v5.362 you can provide Live Support with 2 way Desktop Remote Viewer for WordPress! Blow your customers away – include 6 months support.

WP Flat Visual Chat v5.362 Features:

  • Real-time AJAX chat.
  • Beautiful, flat & responsive design.
  • View the page where your customer is.
  • Operators can view online users and initiate chats.
  • Operators can visually show any website element to the customer (through the different pages).
  • Files transfer options.
  • Operators can use preprogrammed sentences using shortcuts.
  • New “Chat Operator” user role.
  • You can assign the operator capability to any another role.
  • Chat logs management.
  • The operator can transfer discussion to another online operator.
  • If there is no operator online, a contact form appears.
  • Colors are customizable.
  • Sound notification on a new message.
  • Import / Export data tool.
  • Customers IP detection.
  • See the country and city of customers.
  • Texts are editable from a backend.
  • Multilingual .po ready (French translation included).
  • Automatic updates.
  • Reactive support.