Woocommerce Partial Orders v1.2.1

Woocommerce Partial Orders v1.2.1

Woocommerce Partial Orders v1.2.1 plugin allows you to set each individual item in the order as shipped. The date it was marked will be stored so you know exactly when it was shipped, and the order status will be changed to Partially Completed so you can quickly and easily see which orders are not yet completed fully. It’s not ideal to leave a customer waiting for their goods, and most online businesses realise this and will ship out goods as soon as they can. However, if you run your store using Woocommerce, managing this can be a nightmare since there is no way to record which items in the order have been shipped and which ones haven’t. Not anymore!

Woocommerce Partial Orders v1.2.1  Changelog

1.2 - Oct 29th, 2014
Feature: Send emails to customer notifying them of what has been shipped.
Fix: Rewrote order status functionality for Woocommerce 2.2
Fix: Fixed unsafe script error in Chrome
Fix: Rewrote bulk shipped status updates for order items
Fix: Removed shipped status setting for delivery in order

1.1.1 - April 28th, 2014
Fix: Fixed bug with plugins folder name

1.1 - April 23rd, 2014
Feature: Set different quantities of order items as shipped
Feature: History of previous quantities shipped of order item
Feature: Automatically set all remaining quantities of order items as shipped
Fix: Woocommerce 2.1 compatibility and bug fixes

1.0 - October 4th, 2013
* Initial release