WooCommerce Extra Fields v5.0

WooCommerce Extra Fields v5.0

WooCommerce Extra Fields v5.0 Options plugin is simple to use WooCommerce extension to customize product page by using 14 types input fields. Nice admin panel has bunch of options to customize this plugin.

WooCommerce Extra Fields v5.0 Features:

Creating Meta: Admin can create unlimited Meta Groups (Metagroups are set of input fields). Then this meta can be attached product as bulk or to a single product.

 Front-end design: Fields are rendered in a vertical way but customization allow you to define a width of each field in percentage like (50%, 50%).

Price & Variations: Prices can also be set against each variation of Select, Radio types of input.

Discount & Bulk Price: Easily set discount prices for different quantity.

Image editing: Image editing is a very powerful feature of this extension. It has built in support cropping, set unlimited aspect ratio.

Cart/Checkout: Once user personalizes product by filling fields or uploading file these are attached as order meta and carried out on cart and checkout page like shown in screenshot below.