TapTap v2.5 Super Customizable WordPress Mobile Menu

TapTap v2.5 - A Super Customizable WordPress Mobile Menu

TapTap v2.5 A Super Customizable WordPress Mobile Menu, we set out to create an easy-to-customize mobile-first WordPress menu plugin that would be versatile enough to be used on literally any site.

TapTap v2.5 Features:

  • Extremely customizable header and full-screen menu.
  • uses the built-in WordPress menu builder and customization tools, making the plugin lightweight and allows you to use tools already familiar to you.
  • Customize every single color.
  • Choose which elements to show.
  • 5 menu button designs.
  • control menu button animation speed.
  • Choose from two menu button animations.
  • Build multi-level menus.
  • Add icons to menus (500+ icons available).
  • Add descriptions to single-level menu items.
  • Show/hide TapTap at set resolutions.
  • hide theme menu when TapTap is active, by the class/ID of the theme menu.
  • option to have TapTap open by default on the front page.
  • open sub-menus from arrow indicator or full top-level menu item.
  • Absolute/fixed positioning.
  • Integrated search (optional).
  • Widget location (text widget accepts shortcodes).
  • Align menu contents left/center/right and top/middle/bottom.
  • Fade-in/out or slide from left/right/top/bottom.
  • Multiple logo, menu/search button locations.
  • Use text or upload a logo image.