Social Wall Addon v3.4 for UserPro

Social Wall Addon v3.4

Social Wall Addon v3.4 for UserPro  is A refreshing way to interact with the full community! With Social Wall, you can add a wall on your site and help all the members interact with each other.

this is an add-on. You must have UserPro to use it.Yes, UserPro can be a lot more fun!

Social Wall Addon v3.4  for UserPro Features

  • Share posts with each other
  • Share images
  • Comment on each others’ posts
  • Users can like / dislike a post
  • You can choose to display the wall only to logged in users or to all users
  • Administrators can delete any users post or comment
  • “Load More” button to restrict the number of posts that show up
  • A user can also choose to delete his post or comment.
  • If a user finds a post offensive, he/she can Report a Post
  • Easily handle Reported Posts. Admins can choose to Ignore or Delete Reported Posts via the Dashboard