Social Media Auto poster v4.02 – WordPress Plugin

Social Media Auto poster v4.02 - Wordpress Plugin

Social Media Auto poster v4.02 automate the process of posting your WordPress posts to different social media channels. You can set this plugin up in a few minutes and have it posting different blog posts to facebook (facebook page and facebook groups), LinkedIn, Instagram and/or twitter.

Social Media Auto poster v4.02 Feature:

  • Auto post any or all content to multiple social media channels (currently twitter, facebook profile, facebook page, facebook groups, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn companies and Instagram).

What does it do?

Let’s say you have a blog with just 2 categories diet and fitness. You post articles about both but have 2 different facebook pages. One for diet and one for fitness. With this plugin, you can now have each category post to their respective facebook pages. The same goes for twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This allows you to develop highly targeted channels and save time by allowing the plugin to auto post your content for you.

Additionally, you can use this plugin with our other products to create a 360 Degree Automated marketing process for the success of your website.

  • Our Content Crawler plugin grabs content from facebook pages to build dynamic content on your WordPress site.
  • Our Viral Content Builder plugin for turning your content into viral building powerhouses by blocking certain pieces of your content so that visitors must share it to gain access to important images, text, charts, videos, etc.
  • And our Twitter Manager to automate the process of getting you followers using targeted Hashtags, Keywords or even sniping followers from your competitors.