Fresh Performance Cache v1.0.6 WordPress Plugin

Fresh Performance Cache v1.0.6

Fresh Performance Cache v1.0.6 Boost your WordPress site performance by minifying, combining, compressing and caching your files.

Fresh Performance Cache v1.0.6 Main Features:

  • White Label Admin – no advertising or Fresh branding anywhere.
  • Small Footprint – The interface is located directly in “WP-admin -> Settings -> Performance Cache”.
  • Minifies CSS/JS.
  • Uses gzip compression – huge boost when it comes to file size compression.
  • Super fast Cache.
  • The intelligent combining of cached files – Can skip problematic files, automatically skips conditional stylesheets and much more.
  • Files are cached and combined together in the same order they were in originally.
  • Native one-click updates to new versions from “WP-admin -> Dashboard -> Updates” – you do not need any purchase code, it just works.
  • Great for ThemeForest authors to include in their WordPress themes for sale – requires Extended license.